1st post, "PARASITE" directed by Bong Joon-ho

Hi, I am Tomoe Sayaka Kawaguchi.
I am an actor based in Tokyo.

This is my first post.
I'm not good at writing in English but I decided to start this blog writing about films which I watched.
I'd like to talk about why did I come up with the idea.

Few days ago, I went to Seoul to watch "PARASITE" directed by Bong Joon-ho.
It was first time to visit to South Korea for me, relations between Japan and South Korea are currently strained so some of my friends said "Why now? Do you read newspapers?", and the other hand, some of my friends (most of them are actors) said "Go girl."

I felt that it was time to visit to South Korea, because a director based in France mentioned about "PARASITE" when we were talking about "charactor" but I couldn't catch because I have to wait to watch it in Japan for January in 2020... It's too long to wait. 

South Korea is a neighborhood country, some people go there for eating Korean BBQ or seeing Korean TV stars. I took a ticket for watching a movie.

I didn't bring wifi and my phone was dead when I arrived to Seoul at 2 am. 
I found a twinkle twinkle 7-eleven, and I asked the way to a man of night shift. He was so kind, searched on his own phone, and he said "This is here, so go straight." His warm smile was familer for me, I watched it in Korean movies. 

During I've spent in Seoul for three days and two nights, I asked the way to around 20 Korean pepole and ALL OF THEM were so kind. According to my memory of my trip. 
How could I know about it? Thanks to "PARASITE". Thanks to movies.
I respect filmmakers who do great work without them realizing.

When I could watch "PARASITE", I felt this was worth watching with getting on the flight. Looking perfect in every single aspect. I love the bed scene (sofa scene?) of married couple.
I feel it tells their relations accurately and strongly. The bed scene strikes me as most convincing ever. I thought Bong Joon-ho is really careful and also knows about women's sense of vulnerability. 

Thanks for your visiting and reading long sentences.