【33rd TIFF】"No Choice" ( Majboorim ) directed by Reza Dormishian, 2020 Iran

There are three women living in the situation with "No choice". 
   The story surrounded a homeless 16 years old woman who is exploited with surrogacy business. Sex workers in the film are common in Japan, but women who give a birth to a baby for the business is shocking to me, they really have no choice.
   Felt there is the discrimination against women in Iranian society which is ingrained more than in Japanese society. (also in Japan remained sexual harassment, trading and so on...)
There is a woman fighting with power of judicature but it is really very hard to against existing society for women.
I remembered "For Sama", I watched in the beginning in 2020 at the theater.
I love the entertainment and art works, they always heel me when I feel alone, but also sometime films have journalistic roll, informing the situation and people on the earth, posing a problem and drawing people's conflict in the issue.    If film is the art about how drawing and filming about human, it is creator's and observer's responsibility to decide how to use this weapon.
   Perhaps I may not meet this movie if it didn't come to Tokyo, I want it to show at theaters in Japan.


代理出産ビジネスに搾取される16歳のホームレスの女性を軸に、3人の女性のNo Choiceが描かれています。日本だったらセックスワーカーが映画の題材になることは珍しくありませんが、代理出産で稼ぐホームレスの女性、というのは私の想像するセックスワーカーの一歩先を行っていてその時点でかなり衝撃を受けました。